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Every Problem Has A Solution

Every Problem Has A Solution

Our goal is to provide you with an economically viable solution that meets government regulations and ensures a safe environment for your employees and ours. Over the years, Accuworx has taken on a diversity of challenges, and this richness of experience enables us to develop customized solutions. We take a holistic approach to each client’s environmental concerns by drawing from our various service lines.

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Accuworx is an acknowledged leader in providing industrial cleaning solutions to a diverse range of industries. 

Whether you need help with a light or heavy industrial process, we are capable of developing a methodology to extract, remove and clean components to save you money. Our experienced and highly trained professionals expertly service plant shut downs and turnarounds as well as tank, process line and substrate surface cleaning.  

Learn more about Industrial Cleaning.

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Environmental Emergency Services

Accuworx has emerged as a leader in emergency environmental response services in Canada and the US. 

Through our dedication to integrity, high standard of service, state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained employees, we have developed strong business relationships with multiple government agencies, public and private industry and insurance companies.  

Learn more about Environmental Emergency Services.

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Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Accuworx develops, designs and implements remediation solutions utilizing our vast array of technologies to provide unique and site-specific remediation.

Our various environmental compliance approvals and permits allow us to decommission tanks and treat contaminated groundwater and soils.

Learn more about Soil and Groundwater Remediation.

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Hazardous waste is still a by-product of many manufacturing processes, even though industry has made great strides in reducing it.

Accuworx is a fully licenced hazardous waste hauler. We offer collection and management solutions for all hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, including liquids, solids, dusts, sewage and organic materials.

Learn more about Hazardous Waste Management.

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